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Communicate creatively and memorably


Communicate creatively and memorably

People have different backgrounds, outlooks on life, and knowledge. The connection between employees allows them to exchange know-how. This is especially important when it comes to new employees. Harrison’s study argues that the external knowledge that new employees bring with them is an enormous learning opportunity for existing members of the company. Broadening the vision, sometimes stale from a single way of doing things, encourages innovation, and allows new talents to be recognized in both newcomers and current employees.

Positive feedback to motivate innovation

Receiving constructive feedback can be another of the advantages of networking to foster and strengthen innovative talent. Let us remember that positive feedback offers emotional support to the innovator, necessary to overcome his fear of failure and, of course, to mature his ideas. Constructive feedback originating from co-workers fosters innovation and positively impacts employee creativity.

Google, for example, uses peer feedback to encourage connections between colleagues. This is part of its annual performance review program. The company encourages employees to support each other by giving and receiving feedback through a real-time feedback tool. This connection that is created between employees serves as a bond, as emotional support, and as a source of innovation, harnessing and honing the talents of each individual with the encouragement of their peers.

Peer-to-peer recognition as positive reinforcement for innovators.

One technique Google uses to motivate and reinforce its employees also has to do with connections between professionals from different departments. Any colleague can nominate another colleague (from another department) as an award winner and if the managers of both departments accept, the nominee receives cash as recognition, as well as a corporate email in which everyone can participate by congratulating the colleague.

This socialization, recognition, and participation of all employees create an environment that motivates them to feel self-confident and to be able to take risks when it comes to innovating and creating new ideas, without fear of reprisals and prejudice.

More diverse teams perform better

Encouraging employee interconnections beyond the closest and most obvious connections allows teams to be more diverse. Diverse teams are important for promoting the generation and dissemination of fresh ideas. In addition, studies have shown that more diverse teams outperform teams in which all members are more like-minded.

Good communication breeds innovative talent

An environment of psychological safety for the employee, which makes them feel part of a team, makes it easier for them to share their opinions and ideas, even their doubts. Recognition, positive feedback, and the exchange of visions among the people who make up an organization generate a language of trust in which communication is an easy task. With this communication, barriers are broken down and a working map is created that can be traveled without limitations, exploring new paths and with the goal of developing a culture of innovation throughout the team.

For ideas to germinate, grow and end up generating a positive impact, it is necessary to communicate them in a memorable way, for we can resort to ‘story-telling and use a good range of resources that make up our innovative communication skills development programs. If you are interested in a proposal for your organization, just ask for it.

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