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Improve team collaboration


Improve team collaboration

In this new era of innovation, it can be key to contemplate the idea of “collaborate to survive”. It is a time for collaboration and many organizations are using, for example, innovation ecosystems to make progress. The concept of partnership is also changing and organizations must learn to collaborate with non-traditional partners. Why not collaborate openly with competitors and adapt? Why not collaborate with companies with expertise, technologies, or business models that are complementary to those of your organization? Diversity drives innovation, but most organizations are “internally oriented”. They forget that people are in the “market”, or that customer experience today is a complex activity. At the same time, the complexity of the marketplace does not support mediocre products.

A question of leadership

I believe that your leadership style is directly related to the innovation performance of your organization. I don’t question your vision. But are you also providing the material or human resources necessary to create something “truly innovative”? Many times leadership style is limited by the “expertise” of the leader. It is important to master your area of expertise, especially if you are the “one in charge”, but as long as others are revolutionizing your market, your expertise” is creating a culture resistant to change, when, in my opinion, what you need to do is to develop a culture of agile innovation that integrates people with different expertise than yours.

Let’s not allow our leadership style and our “expertise” to inhibit innovation.

Innovation is a dance where you need to know the basic steps and find the balance between strategy, systems, people and learning. Our leadership style will also define whether or not team members are free to give feedback – and we are free to receive it – on any aspect of the organization. “If there is fear, there is no feedback.”

Whatever our leadership style, I believe it is important for success to be open to passing on our knowledge to others. It is this “leadership development” that will allow us to transform the culture of the organization and make team members mentally and emotionally committed to the program, or the innovation processes. Success is just the beginning.

The lack of collaboration in organizations becomes more latent as time goes on. We need to move from coordinating and cooperating to collaborating, and for that we need two things: to be aware that we need it and to learn how to do it. For both of these things, Inusual accompanies its clients in the process. If you want to talk to us, here we are.

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