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Innovate with products and services


Innovate with products and services

Innovative companies must have systems that allow innovation to fit into their daily work, allowing the most “entrepreneurial” people in their staff to lead innovation projects. This “innovative” system must coexist with the daily management that allows the company’s results to be obtained. Therefore, efficiency must coexist with creativity applied to innovation.

The opportunities to innovate are there, we just have to open our eyes wide and have the right mechanisms in our work.

  • Inconsistencies. There is an opportunity to innovate if we manage to fill those gaps that the market has not yet covered or if we are able to redefine an existing product to provide a new approach before anyone else.
  • Process needs. An example of this is Amazon’s success in fostering a paradigm shift in product distribution thanks to its innovative network of suppliers, warehouses, and couriers.
  • Industry changes. For example, there is an opportunity for innovation if we focus on the new forms of relationship between users and the media. The media must be able to identify in detail the nature of their audiences in order to foster new forms of relationship and anticipate their needs.

How to differentiate creativity from opportunism?

If you are looking for an answer, regardless of the job you do, you are being sharp but not creative. The main element that triggers creativity is the search for the question, which is why the organizations that work best are those that cultivate questions and live in curiosity. The key is that an organization must ask questions that allow it to go beyond in each of its actions.

But how do you get creative products?

There is no magic formula that guarantees success in the creation of a product. Even if we have a great idea, if we are not able to bring it to market successfully, it will remain a nice exercise in science fiction.

Good ideas appear at any time, but it is clear that companies do not innovate unintentionally. Innovative companies are those that set out to be innovative and work hard to achieve creative leadership in their organization. To generate successful products, companies need creative processes and collaborative environments that produce innovative results through the creation of many ideas in a systematic way. The consequence of this way of working is the deliberate change that differentiates innovative companies from those that are not.

At Inusual we prepare internal teams to innovate from within the company by putting the customer at the center of the entire process, from start to finish. The result is that employees find a stimulus by having a context in which to develop their creative capacity, and that makes the solutions generated connect with the needs and expectations of customers over time.

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