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To know the innovative profile of the organization


To know the innovative profile of the organization

The Basadur Profile is one of the most powerful tools in the market to know the innovative profile of an organization. Through a simple individual exercise that is carried out by each person individually in less than five minutes.

With the individual test, the person can discover his or her unique combination of preferences for the four stages of the innovation process: generate, conceptualize, optimize and implement.

These preferences are plotted on a two-dimensional graph. The largest quadrant of the graph represents your preferred style, while the sizes of the other quadrants represent the supporting preferences in turn. The resulting unique blend of styles is your Basadur Profile.

How is knowledge acquired and used?

Some people prefer to understand things through experience, while others prefer to use abstract thinking and analysis to understand. Similarly, some people like to use understanding to generate options, while others prefer to use understanding to evaluate options.

Organizational insight

Each of the individual tests can be viewed in aggregate, so that each test appears on an overall map represented by a dot.

The organizational vision is very useful to have a snapshot of the existing density in one of the quadrants. It is desirable for the organization to be balanced; when one of the quadrants represents a higher specific weight, it allows us to identify the imbalance and act in a concrete way with full knowledge of the cause.

The purpose of the Basadur profile

We want to leverage the resources of the four styles to help the individual, the team or the organization to smoothly go through the entire innovation process of finding good problems to solve, developing solutions to those problems and implementing the solutions.

We also want to help people use their own Profile to leverage their strengths and find satisfaction in their work. The Profile can also help people identify development opportunities, as it is very possible to increase skills in all four stages of the creative process through training and coaching.

It is not a personality test

Some organizations ask employees to take personality tests to determine their individual thinking and problem-solving styles. However, employees fear the possible uses of the test results. They wonder if they will be moved or asked to change their personality if the tests show that they are not suited for their job.

The Basadur Profile is much less threatening. It measures states, not traits. It is a tool to help an individual, team or organization understand how to increase creativity and innovation in a supportive environment. No one profile, or style, is considered more “creative” than another; each contributes uniquely to the overall creative process.

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