Innovative Culture

The only thing of real importance that leaders do is to create and manage culture.

  • Why the Organization’s Innovation Agenda Should Be on Every HR Leaders’ Mind

    HR leadership is in an excellent position to amplify it’s already valued skill sets. Nevertheless, several factors are holding them back. Among these, we have things like a lack of resources, which restricts them to having to focus only on existing processes. In this quickly changing business environment, HR leaders have an opportunity to play […]

    Pere Rosales 3 min read
  • Why You’re Failing to Cultivate a Culture of Innovation

    Nurturing a culture of innovation is probably the best thing a CEO can do to propel their companies towards success. In an environment that inspires employees to seek out new and innovative ideas continually, opportunities are bound to happen.    The common misconception regarding innovation is that it only appears at the highest levels of […]

    Pere Rosales 3 min read
  • Strategies for Cultivating a Growth Mindset

    A strong leadership, innovation, and continual learning are crucial for any business to succeed in the 21st century. These traits should not apply only to those in leadership positions but throughout the entire organization. And even though this is a process that usually starts from the top, it has to go all the way to […]

    Pere Rosales 3 min read
  • How Organizational Creativity Gives You a Competitive Advantage

    There’s no denying the fact that creativity and business work great together. Now, besides the obvious definitions of creativity, some can even go as far as saying that it is an idea that can help solve a problem. When looking at things this way, one can quickly come to the realization that creativity is not […]

    Pere Rosales 3 min read
  • Identify the Intrapreneurs in Your Company Before They leave

    Intrapreneurs are individuals who act as entrepreneurs within the framework of the organization they work for, but not own. The main difference between entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs is the fact intrapreneurs innovate, create new business, and transform companies that aren’t their own.  Intrapreneurs combine risk-taking, creativity, and a strong initiative to innovate and transform an idea […]

    Pere Rosales 4 min read
  • How to Get Employees Thinking Like Entrepreneurs

    An entrepreneurial way of thinking within a corporate environment can bring with it many benefits to both the employees themselves, as well as the company they work for. And by entrepreneurial thinking, we are, of course, referring to the staff and not the founders. So, how can you get your employees to think like entrepreneurs? Well, the […]

    Pere Rosales 3 min read
  • Resourceful Humans

    I once heard someone use the expression “humans with resources.” I was told that I must write about it one day, so that’s what I’m going to do. I sincerely believe that words are of great importance and depending on how we refer to concepts, we perceive their meaning in different ways. The following is very […]

    Pere Rosales 6 min read
  • What is the difference?

    Why is it, with seemingly equal companies, that one will triumph and another does not? What is the key to success? How can leaders in an organization positively impact outcomes? The professor of the MIT Sloan School of Management, Edgar Schein, sums it up in one sentence: “The only thing of real importance that leaders do is to create and manage culture. If you do not manage culture, it manages you, […]

    Pere Rosales 3 min read
  • Centering the company around the customer

    In laymen’s terms, “Customer Centricity” is a relationship paradigm that raises the need for companies to combine both the vision of the product and the customer in an integrated way. Within the product-centric perspective, the goal is to get the market share. But in the customer-centric vision, the goal is to maximize your loyalty by meeting and […]

    Pere Rosales 4 min read
  • 7 Laboratories of Corporate Innovation

    Having a corporate innovation lab is not something that can be improvised overnight. In fact, many organizations stay away from this model thinking that innovation cannot be cornered, but that innovation must be integrated into all areas of the company. However, for many companies, it has been and continues to be a way to accelerate […]

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