Innovative leadership

No one becomes great showing how small or weak that others may be.

  • Tips on Inspiring Innovation How can employers get their staff to think more creatively, to challenge the status quo, all the while keeping the daily operations of the company running smoothly and without a hitch? Innovation is not like any other business function. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to the issue. It is better described as a unique feat […] Pere Rosales 3 min read
  • Creative Leadership: Why Do We Need It? Business environments are susceptible to constant change due to evolving markets and shifting demands. To keep up with the challenges that companies constantly face due to the complexities of business structures, leaders must be prepared to create and carry out innovative solutions.  According to a study by IBM, 60% of the CEOs polled agreed that creativity […] Pere Rosales 3 min read
  • The Value of Humility in Innovation Leadership The innovation leader does what they say they will. They are persistent and brave. They are constantly learning and willing to admit to their mistakes. This ability to acknowledge their inadequacies is called humility, and it is a key value required for effective leadership. The other qualities of innovative leadership are courage, tenacity, integrity, and […] Pere Rosales 3 min read
  • How do you face up to challenges? Let me tell you a story, in May of 1997, a group of postgraduate students and teachers in a university in Barcelona started a mail list called “inusual” to learn more about applied creativity and vital innovation. The project was very successful and they kept using the mail list, also they invited more people to […] Pere Rosales 2 min read
  • How to Ensure a Happy Team We said the other day that if you have a happy team, the company, customers, employees and shareholders will be happy. But, how is it achieved? Let’s start by defining what we mean when we talk about happiness. According to Alexander Kjerulf, author of the books, Happy Hour is 9 to 5, and The Happy at Work […] Pere Rosales 3 min read
  • Are we really focused on the client? How many businesses do you know that treat their clients equally in all different forms of communication? Let’s not deceive ourselves, the majority have not integrated their modes of communication, especially the digital ones. Customer Centricity Many say they have an CRM, but few have relational plans for each of them. It’s an interesting subject […] Pere Rosales 2 min read