• Edible Cutlery to Save India’s Water

    For some complex problems, a solution seems impossible. We face too many factors that contribute to it and multiple obstacles that have to be overcome. It makes us feel small and that there is little we can do. However, almost all problems can be faced using creativity and determination. Let’s see how an innovative idea—edible cutlery—can help restore India’s water […]

    Pere Rosales 4 min read
  • The Power of Font

    In the last Apple Keynote, June 2nd, dedicated to presenting the latest news about the software i0S 8, OX Yosemite announced that ‘Helvetica neuve’ was going to be the font of operating system that the Apple brand is going to release briefly. The grand collection of Apple fans spoke out immediately, through all social media […]

    Blanca Perez 3 min read
  • Influencers vs. Brand associates

    In the “era of the customer” and social media, the influencers and brand managers have become active and very valuable assets for businesses. However, many don’t know which is the difference between the two profiles, nor which of the two help them better fulfill their goals. An influencer is a very well-respected person with much […]

    Mathilde Outrebon 2 min read
  • Call Tracking or Call Monitorization

    Landing pages, call to action, lead nurturing, etc. are techniques for which anyone in Marketing today is responsible for and should dominate today. I’m not going to surprise anyone: new technologies have transformed the trade relations in every sector, in both B2C and B2B. That said, the results very frequently today show that the first […]

    Mathilde Outrebon 2 min read
  • Inspiring Quotes

    Today is Monday and it very much pleases me to turn on the computer and find, while I surf the internet, something like “the best is yet to come.” Everyone knows that Mondays are, by definition, those days that are hard to start in the morning. The weekend has been the moment in which our […]

    Blanca Perez 3 min read
  • Moments of Truth

    In 1987, the then president of Scandinavian Airlines, Jan Carlzon, published a book titled “Moments of Truth” in which he presented the changes that he had implemented in the company to better their results. The reference may seem outdated to you, but in this book he was talking neither more nor less about Customer Centricity, […]

    Mathilde Outrebon 3 min read
  • Collaborative Work in a New Market

    It’s true that we are immersed in a moment of change in many aspects: our professional market and the conventional model of organizations is being restructured, as I discussed in my last post ‘what is a content curator?’ If we travel back in time we see that there have always been times of change and […]

    Blanca Perez 3 min read