Future of work

Work is not anymore a place where you do a series of tasks, but a project wherein you strive to achieve some results.

  • Collaborative Work in a New Market

    It’s true that we are immersed in a moment of change in many aspects: our professional market and the conventional model of organizations is being restructured, as I discussed in my last post ‘what is a content curator?’ If we travel back in time we see that there have always been times of change and […]

    Blanca Perez 3 min read
  • New Stage of INUSUAL

    Today is my last day at íncipy. Fortunately it is not the effect of a crisis, but quite the contrary. This is a decision of which I have reflected much on, and that I informed my partners last April. I will leave my office and involvement in íncipy in order to take care of my […]

    inusual 4 min read