In the “era of the customer” and social media, the influencers and brand managers have become active and very valuable assets for businesses. However, many don’t know which is the difference between the two profiles, nor which of the two help them better fulfill their goals.

An influencer is a very well-respected person with much legitimacy in his sector. He is an expert in some concrete subject and additionally consumes, generates relevant information, and shares his opinions, thoughts and ideas with an audience that, beyond being numerous, is totally captivated and very supportive in adopting his messages.

A brand ambassador is simply a very satisfied customer, or better said, enamored. The first one, the influencer, talks about your brand because he has come to some type of agreement with you. On the contrary, the brand ambassador speaks about your brand because he really loves it and wants to share your enthusiasm with everyone around him.

In other words, the principal difference that exists between the two “characters” is the loyalty.

Imagine that you have been accused of some crime and they are taking you to court to settle it. In the first case, you have a very famous lawyer, with a record of successful and spectacular cases, to which you pay a fee. He doesn’t know you very well, nor is your case very important to him, but he is a good professional.

In the second case, your lawyer is… your mother! She has always loved you so much and is absolutely convinced that you are innocent. She is going to defend you with all of her soul and fight until the death to persuade everyone the same way. Her manner of speaking will be totally authentic in which there is no way the jury can argue.

Forgetting that your mother could never represent you in court in real life… who you would choose?

Your mother of course.

An ambassador is not only a client, but also a long lasting partner. In addition to recommending and protecting your brand from attacks of whatever form, he will collaborate in a constructive manner with you in order to better the company. He gives you advice and supports your ideas with the best intentions in the world.

In conclusion, an ambassador is the most precious asset of any company…

If you are interested in this topic, I have included an infographic published by below about the differences between influencers and brand ambassadors. Enjoy!

Written by Mathilde Outrebon
Translated by Emily Smith, INUSUAL intern


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