Today is Monday and it very much pleases me to turn on the computer and find, while I surf the internet, something like “the best is yet to come.”

Everyone knows that Mondays are, by definition, those days that are hard to start in the morning. The weekend has been the moment in which our minds and bodies have been able to pause and relax, but now it’s time to return and roll up our sleeves and resume things where we left off. Any phrase, image, word, or meeting that cheers us up to begin with more energy and good humor makes those first few hours of the week more bearable.

Motivation, Inspiration? INUSUAL attitude

Today I am telling you all this because of the growing trend of the quotes and ‘the claims,’ in a positive fashion are not passing unnoticed. And to me personally, I love it! Additionally, if moved to the professional field, the motivating effect that it produces is very pleasant. In the end, all we want is to be recognized for the work and encouraged to keep up the pace, and many times this can be done through these “claims” or inspiring quotes. For us, this is part of the INUSUAL attitude present in the pillars central to the company; aspirations, shared abilities, conspirations, and inspirations.

A professional who works, motivated and recognized for her work, shines much more and extracts her most creative side. In this way, all of her potential comes to light and provides value that is much more elevated.

This is the premise that many businesses ought to take into account when designing policies that affect the lives of its’ practitioners. Therefore it is important to pay attention to everything involving motivation or inspiration of their employees. A worker who lives in an environment with a positive attitude will shine and develop their full potential in favor of his or her work.

Phrases, ‘Quotes?’

At INUSUAL, we pay special attention to the inspiring attitude towards the professional and his or her motivation. This is why we spend time doing compilations and selections of the phrases ‘quotes’ that appeal to us and that are a part of our INUSUAL attitude. Here I will explain some of them to you.

· ‘Creativity is not a talent without an attitude’ – Jenova Chen
· ‘Creativity comes first, then the clients’ – Ferran Adrià
· ‘If we raise our eyes, we will not see our limits’ – Chinese proverb
· ‘Either you are unusual, or you are cheap’ – Guy Kawasaki
· ‘Creativity is simplifying what is complicated’ – Charles Mingus
· ‘To create is not to copy’ – Jacques Maximin
· ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’ – Peter Drucker
· ‘If you are not prepared for mistakes, you will never make anything original’ – Ken Robinson
· ‘The one who imagines is not creative, it is the one who makes you imagine who is creative’ – Santiago Rodríguez
· ‘If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys’ – James Goldsmith
· ‘Creativity is easy, what is difficult is to have the idea’ – Ferran Adrià
· ‘Creativity has made us human’ – Eudald Carbonell
· ‘Innovation is not a department, it’s an attitude’ – INUSUAL

We have many more than what I have shown you, but we would like to know what is missing from the list, or which ones you like the most. Additionally, we are preparing a project that relates to all of this that we will be able to show you all shortly and that makes us very excited!

Translated by Emily Smith, INUSUAL intern.

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