It’s curious to see how people present or define themselves in their job applications, often crediting themselves with the quality of being innovative.

Nobody will say they’re not innovative, everyone comes prepared for the question; however, how can you measure the extent of someone’s innovative character? What does it really mean to be an innovative person?

Discovering your innovative profile

There are many ways to evaluate professional competencies; many tests exist in the market which serves to assess personality, behavior or someone’s potential. But having tried and tested a number of them, I would only use the Innovator Profile from Basadur.

The Basadur Innovation Profile Inventory measures your unique blend of preferences for the four stages of the innovation process: generating, conceptualizing, optimizing, and implementing.

These preferences are then plotted on a two-dimensional graph. The largest quadrant on the graph represents your preferred style, while the sizes of the other quadrants represent supporting preferences in turn.

The resulting unique blend of styles is your Basadur Profile.

The innovator profile of Basadur

The Basadur Creative Problem Solving Profile Inventory measures an individual’s unique blend of preferences for the four stages of the creative process. By plotting one’s Inventory scores on a two-dimensional graph, an individual can display his or her own preferred blend of the four different stages.

One’s largest quadrant on the graph represents one’s preferred or dominant style, while the sizes of the other quadrants represent supporting orientations in turn. The resulting unique blend of styles is one’s profile.

Each unique style reflects individual preferences for ways of gaining and using knowledge. Some people prefer to understand things more by experiencing while others prefer to use abstract thinking and analysis to understand. Also, some prefer to use understanding for generating options while others prefer to use understanding to evaluate options.

Constructing the Basadur Profile is much less formal and less threatening. It measures states, not traits. It is a tool to help an individual, team or organization understand how to increase creativity and innovation in a supportive environment. No one profile, or style, is considered more “creative” than any other.

All styles require creativity, merely different kinds of creativity, each one contributing uniquely to the overall creative process and innovative results. In the example to the right, we have the Profile of a person who prefers stage four of the process, implementation.

It’s not a personality test

Some organizations get their employees to do personality tests to see how they think and solve problems. However, employees often feel uncomfortable thinking about how their company can make use of the results. They wonder whether the information will be directed toward a restructure or whether they may be subsequently asked to modify certain behaviors.

Profile building with Basadur is both less formal and less threatening because it measures a person’s state of mind rather than personality traits.

It’s a tool that helps people, teams and organizations understand how to boost creativity and innovation in a supportive environment.

No profile or style is considered more ‘creative’ than another. All styles require creativity – different types of creativity – which uniquely contribute to the overall creative process and innovative results.

Applying creativity is the key to innovation

We cannot innovate – as individuals or organizations – if we do not allow ourselves to think differently, question preconceived ideas or take calculated risks. Creativity and innovation help us anticipate what our customers want, and therefore develop and create new products and services ahead of our competitors, ultimately creating and maintaining a competitive advantage.

Applied creativity is essential for any organization that aspires to succeed in the current market.

We are all creative, regardless of our work. We simply have different forms of creativity. The challenge today is to leverage our creativity, foster a work environment where new ideas flow and are welcome; where trying something different is a motivating challenge, where mistakes are recognized as an important part of the learning process.

The people and organizations that have understood this are “unusual” and make their work valuable to their environments. Do you want to unearth your creative profile? You can do one of two things:

Buy it directly from the Basadur website.
Request access to the INUSUAL network and get it as a complimentary welcome gift when you become Ambassador

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