What do we do?
We accompany our clients leading innovation. We inspire and empower them to reach their goals.


Humans Are Not Resources Anymore

We empower and accompany our clients —leaders, teams, and organizations— to develop an innovative culture. We show them how to learn from on their past, lead their present and gain their own future.

The secret? We just help people to be conscious that to be innovative is not an option. We demonstrate to them that they are no longer being considered as available ‘resources’. From now, on they are supposed to be appreciated as resourceful humans.

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Creativity at Work?

Get the three first chapters of our Report to Apply Creativity at Work with everything you need to develop your creative abilities to generate innovative ideas.

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We can’t predict the future, but we can be prepared

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”– Drucker is famous for saying—, to avoid this, we align teams by connecting culture, strategy and results to move beyond contemplation to action.

External change is greater than internal change, so we help organizations to adapt to the vital changes needed for their future and uncertain problems.

It’s all a question of people, so we equip personnel with the skills and the right attitude to adapt quickly to the challenges within their changing environments.

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What do we do?

We accompany our clients leading innovation. We inspire and empower them with insights, tools, and methodologies they need to achieve their highest level of performance.

To that we call ‘vital innovation‘, others call it innovative culture, or innovation leadership, or creativity at work.

It is about developing new habits and skills that allow us to anticipate the future –becoming more uncertain– making us more questions.


We help you with developing a corporate culture of innovation.


We accompany and expand conventional teams into innovative and passionate.


Our training program will help you to generate good ideas that work.


We help you to discover  the most innovative profiles.

Innovative Culture

Resourceful Humans

I once heard someone use the expression “humans with resources.” I was told that I must write about it one day, so that’s what I’m going to do. I sincerely believe that words are of great importance and depending on how we refer to concepts, we perceive their meaning in different ways.

However, aside from the few exceptions where this organizational function is called “people management” or “human capital,” we continue to call it “human resources,” as if nothing has changed since the phrase was coined.


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