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Who are we?

Great people are just ordinary people with great desire to make a difference.

Inspiring Innovators Since 1997

We are training, coaching, and insourcing company for innovation leadership. Your partner to develop a culture of innovation and leading change within your organization.

Innovation Culture

Advisory on innovation strategy, culture assessment, agility…

Creative Training

Inspirational workshops, to generate and implement good ideas.

Team Coaching

We accompany and expand conventional teams into innovative and passionate.

Insourcing Talent

We help you to discover and prepare the most innovative profiles.

This is Our Story

  • We started at University in 1997 30% 30%

A mailing list...

In May of 1997, a group of postgraduate students and teachers at a university in Barcelona started a mailing list called “inusual.com” to learn more about applied creativity and vital innovation. 

The project was very successful and they kept using the mailing list, also they invited more people to join growing up to +1,500 members. So, inusual.com became a Community of Practice for innovators located around the world. But not a company yet.

  • A reference for the creative industry… 60% 60%

Interactive Creativity

Before starting as a company, we were a very active professional community in the creative industry, we held events in many cities and became a reference for innovators in the interactive industry.

  • Print designers migrating to screen design.

  • Creative directors understanding interactivity.

  • Marketers understanding the new paradigm.

  • Developers understanding marketing.

Open Workshops

Since our mission is to discover, prepare, and promote innovative leaders over the world, we keep holding open events and workshops for everybody. The members of our community have priority, but everybody is welcome.

Exclusive Workshops

Also, we do private workshops for our clients to learn Creative Problem-Solving techniques to generate better ideas; how to lead an innovation team; know how to present a good idea; and how to execute it above average.

  • In 2014 we opened offices at ESADE Creapolis 80% 80%

Corporations also need to become innovative

Anybody can predict the future, but everybody can be prepared. In corporations, the external change is greater than internal, so we created a company to help them to lead change through uncertainty. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”– Drucker is famous for saying—, to avoid this, we align teams by connecting culture, strategy and results to move beyond contemplation to action. It’s all about people, so, we became experts, not just in applied creativity, but also in training, coaching, and innovation leadership.

Your Innovation Culture Partner

We just don’t’ deliver plans. What we do is to accompany our clients in their adaptation process with the best talent. We use our Innovative Talent Network for that.

Our story begins

We start as a Company

Network members

Cities with Inusuals

  • In 2017 we opened Inusual, Inc. in Boston 100% 100%

A consolidated project that grows with yours

Today, we are a global company empowering organizations to lead change and achieving sustainable success. How do we help our clients?

  • Building an innovative corporate culture.

  • Accompanying teams for better innovating.

  • Training the leadership to be more innovative.

  • Sourcing internal and external innovative talent.

Your growth and your success are ours.

Innovative Team

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team. Meet some people behind our project.

Pere Rosales

Pere Rosales

Founder and CEO

Concha Mayo

Concha Mayo

Personal Development & Network Ambassador

Daniel Pamies

Daniel Pamies

Partner and Board Advisor

Alondra Quiroz

Alondra Quiroz

Content Manager & Network Ambassador

Monica Benages

Monica Benages

Business Manager

Andrea Vicario

Andrea Vicario

Talent Expert & Network Ambassador

Chiyana Simoes

Chiyana Simoes

Development Manager

Adrián de Andrés

Adrián de Andrés

Innovation Expert & Network Ambassador

1,800+ Inusuals, and Growing

“AWESOME, and EXCELLENT! A really understandable and actionable framework for how we should (and DO) see this group. Keep up the great works!”

Scott Simmerman, Ph.D.

“Good approach! Good focus! Good analysis. Good perception! Good understanding! Good knowledge! Good ‘tool’ Good initiative! Congratulations!”

Jorge Boixeda de Miquel

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

— Alvin Toffler

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