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Humans Are Not Resources Anymore

We empower and accompany our clients —leaders, teams, and organizations— to develop an innovative culture. We show them how to learn from on their past, lead their present and gain their own future. The secret? We just help people to be conscious that to be innovative is not an option. We demonstrate to them that they are no longer being considered as available ‘resources’. From now, on they are supposed to be appreciated as resourceful humans.

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We can’t predict the future, but we can be prepared

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”– Drucker is famous for saying—, to avoid this, we align teams by connecting culture, strategy and results to move beyond contemplation to action. External change is greater than internal change, so we help organizations to adapt to the vital changes needed for their future and uncertain problems. It’s all a question of people, so we equip personnel with the skills and the right attitude to adapt quickly to the challenges within their changing environments.

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What do we do?

We accompany our clients leading innovation. We inspire and empower them with insights, tools, and methodologies they need to achieve their highest level of performance. To that we call ‘vital innovation‘, others call it innovative culture, or innovation leadership, or creativity at work. It is about developing new habits and skills that allow us to anticipate the future –becoming more uncertain– making us more questions.


We help you with developing a corporate culture of innovation.


We accompany and expand conventional teams into innovative and passionate.


Our training program will help you to generate good ideas that work.


We help you to discover  the most innovative profiles.

Innovative Culture

Resourceful Humans

I once heard someone use the expression “humans with resources.” I was told that I must write about it one day, so that’s what I’m going to do. I sincerely believe that words are of great importance and depending on how we refer to concepts, we perceive their meaning in different ways. However, aside from the few exceptions where this organizational function is called “people management” or “human capital,” we continue to call it “human resources,” as if nothing has changed since the phrase was coined.


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liderazgo innovador

Innovative Leadership Arises when Leaders Agree

Innovative leadership requires managing the conflict and aligning the members of the management team on a common ground that allows them to reach agreement.

Interpersonal Relationships That Generate Innovative Talent

Motivating our employees to establish productive interpersonal connections with each other, has a wide range of advantages. Let's see how these interpersonal relationships generate innovative talent

Edible Cutlery to Save India’s Water

For some complex problems, a solution seems impossible. We face too many factors that contribute to it and multiple obstacles that have to be overcome. It makes us feel small and that there is little we can do. However, almost all problems can be faced...
cultura de la innovación

Why a Culture of Innovation Doesn’t Work When People Are Afraid

Speaking up at work and saying what you think can be difficult. Most of us care what the rest of the team thinks and many people are worried about making suggestions that are wrong or that aren’t in line with their boss’ or colleagues’ expectations; they may...

The Story of an Inusual: Daniel Ek, Founder of Spotify

It may be that you listen to your favorite playlists, songs, and artists every day on Spotify. What you probably don’t know is who created it and how this application, which had changed the way people all over the world listen to music, came about. Daniel...

Learn How Our Minds Work in Order to Make Better Decisions

make better decisions has an impact on our organizations and those who work with us. How to take them well?
Agenda de innovacion, Liderazgo Innovador

Why Should Human Resources Lead the Innovation Agenda?

An important question you have to ask yourself is: Why should human resources lead the corporate innovation agenda?
Talento Innovador

How Our Professional Experience Can Curb Our Creativity

Surely you’ve heard the expression “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”. This saying hides a truth that we frequently forget: our professional experience can limit our vision and curb our ability or our team members’ ability to be...
Motivación de equipo

Earning a Good Salary Isn’t Enough to Make You Happy at Work

Is money enough to make you happy at work? Your answer is probably that it depends on ‘how you’re doing’. Let’s look at a couple of examples. Two hypothetical people. One of them is a multibillionaire like Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon. And on the other...

The Story of an Innovator: Hiroshi Yamauchi, Creator of the Super Mario Bros. Phenomenon

In 1981, one of the most emblematic characters in video games was first unveiled to the world. It wasn't much, just a handful of coloured pixels on a grainy screen and a figure that tried to save his girlfriend from a giant monkey called Donkey Kong. In the 90's, Super Mario Bros. had not just managed to rescue his girlfriend from the ape's claws, he was the public face of Nintendo and had conquered the world of video games.

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